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developer. dad. yooper.

I am a strategic and innovative thinker with 13 years of business development and management experience and 3 years of self-education in web design and development. I’ve completed a handful of projects in the past year. My strengths include creativite problem solving, tenacity, and resourcefulness.

Since starting freelance web development it has been my goal to work closely with clients to help build their business and take some of the technical stress off their shoulders, so they can focus on what they do best. My main objective will always be to use the skills I've garner along my career path to deliver and build a site that works and delivers on every aspect they client asks for. From initial design to build out and support. I take my work very seriously but never myself.



  • HTML5 (3 years)
  • CSS (3 years)
  • SASS (1 years)
  • PHP (1 years)
  • JavaScript (1 years)

    libraries and tools:

  • Gulp (1 year)
  • GitHub (2 years)
  • Git (2 years)
  • WordPress (1 year)
  • ReactJS (3 year)
  • Terminal (3 years)
  • macOS (5 years)
  • Sublime Text (3 years)
  • Sketch (3 years)

Web developer

Freelance Developer Marquette, MI Since April 2016
My freelance work has focused on self-education in all aspects of web development front and back end, with the underlying goal of becoming a technical project manager. Over the past 3 years I have spent my free time building knowledge in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve developed professional experience with several tools, libraries, and software packages required for modern web development including: Git and GitHub, NodeJS and Gulp, Wordpress, Square, and Sketch. I’ve recently started investigating ReactJS.

Poet's Pet Parlor Marquette, MI August 2016
Poet's Pet Parlor was my first site. I built the site using HTML5, and CSS and hosted through GitHub Pages. At the client’s request, I also integrated live Instagram feed “widget” that updates every 10 minutes. The site is fully responsive and optimized for mobile.

Panara Imports Marquette, MI January 2017
Design and Develop
I designed and built Panara Imports, which really gave me a great understanding of project management and client relationship from start to finish. I built a focused and minimal site to generate online traffic and bring business to the store, with plans for site expansion towards the end of 2017 into e-commerce through Square.

Women’s Center Marquette, MI September 2017
Design and Develop
The Women’s Center project was the largest project I’ve done and involved a full redesign, and content management system(CMS) and hosting transfer. I created the design and used Wordpress as the CMS to allow for client control and adjustments in the future. I worked directly with the client throughout the process to ensure that content and functionality were correct and that design fit the tone of their brand and mission.

Derouin’s Auto Shop Marquette, MI April 2018
Design and Develop
Derouin’s Auto Shop was my first paid job. The client was simply looking for a fresh look and to make the site mobile friendly. I created the design and built the site on Wordpress, allowing the client to make updates and perform common maintenance tasks.

outside of work


  • Wood Working
  • Beer Brewing
  • Beer Drinking
  • Photography
  • Learning Guitar
  • Lego Building
  • Reading
  • Dad Jokes